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Dr Bhaskar Bora

Motivational Speaker & Author




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The Second Chance in Life

Reflections from the Heart - Anthology of 100 Poems.

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A Bit About Me

Life changed in an instant for reasons not known, not understood yet. There was I, deemed as a successful doctor, a successful entrepreneur by many, a self-made man. A first-generation immigrant with a story from rags to riches, in the process, becoming the first Assamese to establish a Cocktail Bar and Restaurant in London. Life was rosy and the sun was shining. With a successful career, a beautiful family, and an abundance of resources, it could only get better.

However, there was a different painting that was being painted for me in the heavens above. It was July 2019 when that seemingly innocuous operation went wrong, and I was left with near paralysis from the waist down and severe neuropathic pain due to a spinal cord injury. Before I could understand the implication of his changed normality, I got a diagnosis of cancer of the thyroid. Multiple operations and several months of hospital stay later, I was forced to take Ill Health Retirement, losing everything that I had gained as a career. The journey from a sports car to a wheelchair, from the pinnacle of success to the depths of despair, was complete.


Those dark hospital days, however, proved to be the much-needed fertile soil for the seeds of a new appreciation of life, a springboard for positivity, and a new faith in affirmation. The day I wet my bed and had to be stripped naked to be changed by the nurse was the day he decided that enough was enough and he had to take the bull by the horns. He had to live life again and nothing could stop him anymore.

Little by little I started sharing some of his life experiences honestly and in an inspirational way on social media and the response was massively positive. It was as if, through me, many people found their own voice. Those life experiences lead to the birth of 'The Second Chance in Life'- an inspirational self-help memoir, written on behalf of everyone who has been going through one or another battle in life but has still not given up on life yet.

Since the success of the book, I have been invited to speak on several prestigious platforms as a Motivational Speaker to talk on various life, self -development and management topics. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to talking with you and hope you will like my book.

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