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Dew drops on the flower petals
The mist covered hills
I see my own warm breath in the distance
As the first rays of sunshine
Breaks through the dawn sky
The trees appear barren
But the first daffodils bloom
Seasons are confised
If it still is winter
Or spring coming through.
The freshness feels dizzying
The dry skin, the chapped lips
Shivering the bones within
Warm coats and scarfs everywhere
In grey, black and blue
The rush everywhere, in everyone,
At the station, on the roads,
Every one traveling somewhere,
A thousand destinations,
A thousand directions,
Humanity walking fast to catch up,
As mankind races through.
A bagel in the hand,
Maybe a cup of coffee,
Headphones in the ears,
Heads buried in cell phones,
Pretending to read half open books.
Men, women everywhere,
Not a human to see.
A forced smile,
A slight frown,
A squinted glance,
A roll of eyes,
A push and a shove,
Hellos and goodbyes
Everyone together, everyone alone,
Loneliest in the crowd am I.
As I try to find my way
Through a wintery London morning.

The War Within

The world is my home,

Mankind my family,

Humanity my religion,

And nature my peace.

Am I still free?


With folded hands and a bowed head,

Inviting divinity from infinity.

As I search for myself,

In the mayhem of life,

Will I find me?


Inclusion is my prayer,

Holiness thy be.

Give me strength,

Give me courage,

While fighting the war

That is within me.


As a free bird I wish to fly,

Flying high, 

Touching the sky,

Feeling the wind in my hair,

As freedom screams out in me.


I live as the ocean,

I move across the continents

I swim across the seas

I reach up to the skies

I lie beneath the earth

As air becomes the breath in me.

O Fate, do I need you to be mine?

Or do I want the universe to be?


Will I ever find me?


I will not leave you alone

As today becomes yesterday tomorrow,

I try not to look back at that what is gone.

With folded hands and a fearful heart

I try to steal a glance at the future alone.


As a wolf barking at the foreign moon

As a lone lamp flickering in the gusty winds

With gritted teeth and a bowed head

I try to keep the light alive.


The pain is too strong

The hunger too long

The promises are hard to keep

The swamp of life seems so deep


The spider far away builds his web

The ant nearer climbs the hill

Unaware of how many obstacles

Unaware of how many failures

Maybe they don't know counting still.


Give me the resolve of that ant

Give me the will of that spider

For wish I not to give up

For wish I not to fail.


Like the wild child with a candy cane

Like the dog with a juicy bone

Till death do us apart,

Life, I will not leave you alone.

Love and Devotion

As the transection of love

Ascends into devotion,

Giving overtakes taking,

Duality becomes singularity,

Creating the silence amongst the noise,

Of attainment and enlightenment.

My life comes alive,

With breaths of exuberance.

A heart full of ecstasy,

And tears full of excitement,

I become a part of the soil.

To the evolution of consciousness,

Blissfulness and Joy.

As I carry on the journey,

Yet an unfinished painting,

Yet a long way to go.

Let us live,

Let us believe

In humanity.

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