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Turning Adversities into Opportunities

Now an Amazon Bestseller in six categories

Just when life seemed rosy and the sun was shining, he sustained a severe spinal cord injury in July 2019 following an operation, which left him with paralysis of both legs, a non-functioning right hand and a long stay in the hospital, eventually leading to a forced medical retirement from his medical career and a wheelchair in place of a sports car. He had to undergo multiple operations but is now permanently disabled. Two months after his injury he was also diagnosed of cancer of the Thyroid for which he needed further operations.

Poorer financially but richer in experiences of life he is now a voice for the disabled and has written the book 'The Second Chance in Life' as an honest reflection of his life experiences to motivate people that every adversity can still be turned into an opportunity. That it is important to be filled with gratitude and appreciation for all the things that we take for granted. He also blogs on his website

In ‘The Second Chance in Life’ this self-confessed workaholic acknowledges the challenges and miracles that have influenced his life and, in a bravely honest style, shares how even your darkest days can be a springboard for positivity. How important acceptance and resilience is in turning adversities into opportunities. This book also shows the need of appreciating every small thing in life and not to take anything for granted. With various real-life examples and practical strategies, this book is an inspirational work for self-help and motivation.

What the universe throws at us we cannot control but how we react to these life's curve balls define who we are.

Reader Reviews -

"This book taught me about gratitude and the potential we all have to rise above our problems. Dr Bora is an inspiration! Made me self reflect and change my thoughts toward positivity. Recommended this book to my family and close friends as well. "

"Such an inspiring book. Anything can happen in life and this is the real story of just such a cruel turn of life but what stands out is the positivity of the writer. Must read!"

"I thank my stars and consider myself extremely luckily having accidentally come across this book while browsing for the latest fiction reads from India. I must say that as a debut novelist, Dr Bhaskar Bora has exceeded all expectations. He has not only managed to put his thoughts together but has also tried his best to inspire his readers by looking at life in a positive manner irrespective of the stage of life you are in. Thank You Dr Bora for creating such an inspiring read and best wishes for the future."

"Rich, humbling, inspirational and well written. Easy read delving into another's life, filled with adversity yet able to see through this and focus on positivity - a rare gift and something that we can all draw strength from."

Media reviews

The book is a message of hope; a trigger for the down-trodden to rise through the ashes; become everything they desire and turn adversities into opportunities - Asian Lite
'Indeed, his imagery and emotions about the life-changing experience are robust' - Space and Culture Journal
An indo-British doctor shows positivity in adversities in his new book -“The Second Chance in Life”-Eshadoot
'Paralysed Bromley doctor publishes inspiring autobiography' - Yahoo News 

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