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When storms come, an eagle flies higher to rise above the turbulence while a mouse hides in a corner. I had to become that eagle and soar higher, not be concerned, and crushed in the storm of life. Believing in myself was the only way.



Yesterday is a mere memory, tomorrow a figment of imagination, It is only this moment that is the reality. Let's make this moment the best in our lives


This book gives you the outlook and practical strategies to turn every adversity into an opportunity through positivity, resilience and perseverance.

About the Author

Dr Bhaskar Bora, MBBS, DRCOG, MRCGP, MBA, MSc


A Motivational Speaker, an artist, a writer by passion, a spinal cord injury patient by accident and a cancer survivor, Dr Bhaskar Bora has been recognised as a source of inspiration by many. 

As a motivational speaker, he now urges others to tap into their own inner voice and perceive the darkest days of life as a springboard of positivity. After turning into a successful entrepreneur, Bhaskar is heading toward inspiring the young and old, corporates and community groups into acknowledging what the second chance life has to offer.

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