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Inspirational Speaker. Author, Artist

What the universe throws at us we cannot control, but how we react to those curveballs define who we are and what we make out of life


Now an Amazon Bestseller 
Available on Flipkart in India and Amazon worldwide

Through my talks and books, my mission is to inspire everyone who may have given up on life.

To raise awareness about cancer and also to motivate people through my own life-changing experiences that, with the right attitude, resilience and perseverance, even the worse adversity can be turned into an opportunity.


To raise awareness about people living with disabilities, seen and unseen.

My mission is to help you win every battle, every day.

I hope you will read my book, my blogs, hear me speak and help me spread the message of happiness, positivity and resilience. 

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The Second Chance in Life

My vision is to empower everyone with the mantra of 'Desire, Believe, Persevere' with resilience, positivity and gratitude to make everyone fight their battles with a smile and succeed.

We all fight for ourselves, which is the struggle for existence. Only a privileged few get to fight for others, which is humanity. 

The glory is not in never falling, my vision is to see everyone rise up stronger after every fall.

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 Reflections from the Heart - Anthology of 100 Poems

They say unless and until one has been through pain, one cannot express. And poetry is an expression from a realm where inhibition plays no role and social stigmas fall short. This book came into being as a phoenix from the fire of such pain and emotions of three self taught poets who needed way to vent out their innermost emotions without any fear of judgement or retribution.
These 100 poems are only the tip of the iceberg of numerous impromptu work of these wordsmiths, sometimes meaningful, sometimes gibberish, in a want to be a teacher, a healer or sometime just as someone to carry on with the baton of life, grief and laughter in this relay of a never-ending rat race.

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